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Mike Munie, President of Pefect Play Fields & Links®
Addresses Students at the University of Missouri Turfgrass Program

Columbia, Missouri – April 30, 2009 – In a talk entitled, “Standing Apart: Success in the Green Industry,” Mike Munie, President of Perfect Play Fields & Links® spoke to students at the University of Missouri Turfgrass Program.

The purpose of Munie's talk was to educate the students on how to be successful in the industry when they get out of school and are working in the “real” world.

When asked why Munie was selected to speak on such an important topic, Turfgrass Specialist Brad Fresenburg from the University of Missouri responded, “I’ve worked with Mike for a number of years on different projects, including the St. Louis Cardinals’ AA facility in Springfield. Watching him do a job like that demonstrated that Mike walks his talk. Every aspect of his work is top-notch. He is the type of individual who has the credibility to really talk to students. And, he’s a great speaker. The students really latched on to what he had to say.”

Fresenburg continued, “A lot of what Mike told the students about being successful in the industry was how essential it is to separate themselves from the 98% of workers and to be a part of the 2%. His point was that doing this involves going the extra distance, paying attention to detail, and making your work look crisp and immaculate. That’s a word Mike uses a lot. “Crisp.” If you do that, Mike asserts, the right people will notice, and you will be successful.”

As to how Munie’s talk was received, Fresenburg reported, “We got some great feedback about his visit. The students were attentive and engaged.”

“That always tells me I got the right person in there. And Mike, he was the right person.”

About Perfect Play Fields & Links®:
Perfect Play Fields & Links® provides the full range of services necessary for the construction of Athletic Fields and Golf Courses, beginning with Construction Planning, comprehensive Site Development, pre-Construction work, and complete Construction Services.

Perfect Play also provides a full-range of Maintenance and Repair Services, specializing in Site Assessment, Laser Grading, Deep Tine Aeration, top dressing, turf, existing field rejuvenation, and scientific agronomy and horticultural diagnostic testing services.


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