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Golf Course Construction

Perfect Play Fields & Links® can handle any aspect of Golf Course construction, repair, or maintenance services (deep tine, laser grading of tees, irrigation, and the like) in a timely and professional manner.


Perfect Play's approach to building professional Tees is unparalleled with its attention to elevation, broadly leveled access for golfers, and divot recoverability to ensure long life.

Professional golf Tees


For many golfers, the Green is where each hole is made or broke. Perfect Play showers attention on making Greens both challenging and highly puttable, while ensuring the proper grade for the Green to maximize the opportunity for pin placement, thus diversifying wear.

Challenging and highly puttable Greens


Course aesthetics and enhancement Features are integral to a golfer's winning game and can improve the playability of a golf course. Perfect Play Features bring drama to each hole, challenging the player, and fulfilling the golfing experience.

Golf Course Features

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